We have been brought up with the idea that arguing is natural. It’s all part of being human. Besides, if we did not argue, it would mean we don’t care. It would mean things did not matter to us.

But the very fact that we are arguing means we are on the defensive. Hopefully it is for a very good reason. However in most cases, it isn’t. Most often it is for the simple fact that we disagree with what the other person is saying and we want to get our point across because it is the right one. We know we have the better solution… the better answer.

But what it all comes down to is a difference of opinion.

Have you ever notice in your thought process that when someone tells you something that you don’t agree with, you find yourself wondering what the hell the other person is thinking?! Then you automatically get into defensive mode and start arguing with the other person!
Odd that we should only spent a fraction of a second to wonder what’s going on in the other person’s mind.
We need to follow that initial thought through a little longer.
Once you ask yourself that question, think about how you DO NOT know what they are thinking.
You cannot presume to know, nor can you presume that they’re being idiots.
Every person has their own views and own way of perceiving things. They are as logical as you when thinking about situations. So you need to STOP and then ask yourself ‘Okay, so why would he/she think that way?’ and then ask them.

You will be surprised how much sense their view makes.

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