Why “Sheep Among Wolves”?
A sheep among wolves is one that is taking unnecessary risks. The sheep is walking into hostile territory and can be jumped by the wolves at any given time.

There are two different ideas I wanted to convey with this title:

1.I am attacking everything which puts me in a very delicate position.
I expect to be attacked and I welcome the opportunity.
If there is any sensible logic or reasoning behind your stance, I am willing to listen.

2.I am walking among the greats which I have great admiration for (Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Aristotle and the likes), but I am going into a place of which I know very little about. However, I am intrigued so I move forward and outside of my comfort zone.

The purpose of this website is to encourage people to think for themselves. And I do not mean that in a derogative way. What I mean to say is: do not be afraid to question everything.
Even the very basics such as ‘accepted truths’.
There are no limits and nothing is ‘untouchable’.
Analyze and scrutinize.

We need to cast away superstitions and old ideas.

In essence, we need to bring philosophy and critical thinking back into our lives.

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