Social Changes can be brought on by one of two ways: through the masses or through our environment.
They are usually spurred by good intentions, but do we ever think of the consequences they might bring?

What about other recent social changes that have taken place?
How would this new one impact or affect the other existing social changes?
Would we have to change something about them in order to implement the new one?
Is it even compatible with the way our society is working today?
(the latter may seem contradictory considering that the whole point of social change is to change the way society works, but in some cases, structures and whole systems have been so ingrained with the existing mentality that impressing this new change would seem futile.)

Think about the “me” mentality.
The “now” culture.
The individualism.
The detachment from religion.

In the past few decades, there has been so many social changes in our lives that it is no wonder we are starting to crack.

Our relationships with our partners.
Our attempt to keep our individualism without taking a ‘nonchalant’ approach towards others.
To incessantly “outperform” others in a bid to stay alive in an increasingly competitive world.
Our bid to keep a healthy balance between work, family and — in cases you should have still some room left — personal growth.

And all of this is killing us. Slowly.

It is inevitable. They are going to continue to happen but we need to be aware of what it’s all doing to us. True, we have to adapt, but it doesn’t mean we have to let it run our nature or ruin the good things we already have.
Remember, it is an IDEA… one that you can decide to refuse (however difficult and futile it may seem.) You have your principles. Stick to them.

On the other side, if you decide to accept them, make sure it is not to the detriment of others.
We need to be cautious and hold unto what make us humane: compassion, understanding, unselfishness.
Be thankful that you have the possibility to have these privileges without being judged, but do not abuse it.

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