We have gone well beyond reasonable.
The scales are tipping in favour of women and against better judgement.

In one instance, we deplore that there are just not enough women in some areas (politics, senior management, governments, technology..) and that it is a sure sign of the inequalities women are still facing today. We are now looking at suggesting that in order to help improve these figures we should be introducing quotas to “force” companies to hire women into top managerial positions.

But what are they basing these figures on? On fairness? On equality?
Is this figure actually representative of reality? Are there the same numbers of men and women that are aiming for this type of position?
I doubt it.

Which means that women would be overrepresented.
Perhaps there are only 10% of women whom are interested in taking political office. Perhaps women aren’t really that interested in IT.

We need to change our point of view on this supposed imbalance of men/women in certain fields, in certain positions.We need to be more objective in our stance and take a stronger analytical approach.

What are the current social trends?
What are women interested in?
And instead of looking from a ‘gender’ point of view, we should be looking from an ‘individual’ point of view.
What is this person like? How serious are they about that position?
What are their ambitions? Whom is more qualified?

We need to take a more common sense approach and not do things just for the sake of “equality”.

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