We have come to a point where political correctness has trampled over our right to speak our minds and taken away our right to having an opinion in a bid to avoid offending people. Some countries have gone as far as obliterating words from a their vocabulary to be replaced by more ‘neutral’ terms in its stead but holds no more meaning to it.

But the absurdity doesn’t end there. Persons that have to live with conditions are now labelled as being x challenged or x disadvantaged. And anyone proclaiming to be proud of being white will be labelled a racist. If you disagree or question an accepted stance vis-a-vis a selected group of people (eg. women, blacks, gays), you will be called a nazi.

Perhaps the most frightening part of political correctness is that people refuse to state the obvious because it may be perceived as being stereotypical or it might show the person in a bad light. For example, Germany has become too frightful to say a single negative thing about a minority group because they bear the burdens of the past two world wars and the Nazi regime. The world hasn’t forgotten and neither have they.

How far do we have to censor any part that distinguishes a culture to not offend other cultures?
How much of the truth is too ‘inconvenient’ to speak aloud?
How much more does a person have to demean themselves, to erase their culture and forget their history?

We need to take a stance against the tyranny that is political correctness. Refuse to bow down to those whom find it fit to tell you how you should react. You have feelings and opinions and you have a right to have them. It is up to you to decide what you should accept and what you should not.
Do not be afraid to tell it like it is.
There is no reason why people should be shocked or appalled by you merely stating the facts.

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