It is astounding to realize how religion has been able to hold for so long.
Doesn’t anyone question anything anymore?
Or wonder why we still need it?

Most people mistakenly believe that religion is the basis of our morals.
It’s not. Each of us have common sense and have our own set of principles and morals we go by. We do not need religion to tell us what we consider to be right or wrong.

Only the devout will go to church every Sunday. It gives them a false sense of being good.
But what is the purpose of going to church?
Does anything that is being said actually mean anything to you?
Does it change you? Does it hit you in a profound way?
I doubt it does. Most go to church with the hindsight that they already are a good person.
Church does not make people scrutinize themselves. The church does it for them. It tells them what to think and what to do.
Most people come out of church the same way they went in.
So the question is what is the point?

This is the difference between religion and philosophy.
By following the route of philosophy, one openly engages themselves into learning and into changing.
One makes a conscientious effort to change themselves.

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