It would be preposterous to deny that feminism has accomplished anything. One only needs to look at history in the developed countries to see how much society has changed in the last century. Feminism has brought about a series of social changes that has literally transformed the workforce and our personal lives.
And feminism is most important now than ever for women brought up in countries and belief systems that give them little or no rights.

But as with all things, feminism did not come without its consequences.

The history of women’s rights has been so ingrained into the occidental consciousness that it has become an integral part of our being. We are told that even today inequalities exists and that women need to continue to fight for their rights against a patriarchal world. Anyone would agree that it is unjust that a woman should be treated differently or regarded as something lesser because of her gender.

But women’s right have become such a focal point that men’s feelings and opinions on a subject (whether it be women or men related issues) are ridiculed or dismissed.
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Too often men are considered as “men” instead of human beings with feelings, emotions and opinions.

Men have as much right as women to have their opinion on issues. I found it ironic that a population whom have fought so hard to be heard should deny this very basic right to another.

With society’s focus primarily being on women’s issues, the ever growing list of men’s issues have been left unattended.

Men are also confronted with domestic abuse but what makes it more difficult is that they are not taken as seriously; and it does bode well when men are too ashamed to admit that they are being abused by their wives/partners.

Injustice against men can be seen in cases of divorce. Too often the courts will give custody to the mother but it is also wrong that the father should be the one to suffer the consequences of a divorce (right to visits, child custody, exuberant child support payments).
And what’s worse is that an allegation set forth by the mother or the children (whom have turned against their father thanks to the mother) does not appear to be questioned.

Men have no reproductive rights. If a woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want to have the child but the man does, can he really force the woman to bear the child?
And if the woman decides that she wants to have the child and the man doesn’t, the woman can claim child support from him. Either way the man has no say and the decision rest solely wit the woman. No matter how much the idea makes us squirm, we need to consider it for the sake of the men.

Without realizing it, we have become a society that caters to a woman’s needs and that is afraid to admit that men’s issues exists.
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There are double standards all around. Women make sexist snide remarks to other women and men tell other men to own up their issues rather than complain about them and vice versa.
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We need to stop being so judgmental and accept each other as individuals with emotions and needs and issues. We should be reaching for egality, equality and a quality of life for everyone.

It is time for egalitarianism.

A coming movie that speaks volumes on this : The red pill movie

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