Small minds discuss people,

average minds discuss events,

great minds discuss ideas…

It is a quote that often comes to mind when listening or taking part in women’s discussions. Most conversations swirls around relationships, beauty & health (dieting, cooking, recipes, exercises), family and other people. One only needs to look at pinterest to see this.

These are all mere distractions that lend to nothing but idle thoughts.
There is no substance, no meaning and no thinking involved.

It is said that there is a ‘purpose’ to these seemingly meaningless conversations and that it is part of a social bonding experience that brings women together. But the aversion to history, politics, philosophy and the world at large is disconcerting.

Are women not concerned about the world they live in?
Or the world that their children will grow up in?
What about world events?
The social development of our society?
Do women lack the intellectual curiosity to ponder on things? Not interested in getting to the root to gain an understanding?
Are these thoughts too abstract to grasp? Too far from their environment that they cannot see the direct impact on them?

Whether it is a lack of interest or inability to remain connected, it is of the utmost importance to exercise curiosity, to contemplate or ask questions for these will open your eyes to what you have been missing and what you should have been involved in.

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