About Me

Not too long ago….
I never would have given any of this any thought.

There were things in life that I started to question early on.
Why do we believe in this? Why do we do that?
It all changed one day when I picked up a book: ‘Meditations’ by Marcus Aurelius.
You’ve always heard that a book can’t change your life, but this one got me thinking.
What I found mind boggling was that this book was written thousands of years ago and yet most of what Marcus was saying still applies today!

It told me that we hadn’t changed.
We were still doing the same things as they were thousands of years ago.
Why is that?

It created a cascading effect on the way I was seeing the world and the way I was thinking.
All this time I have been wasting my life doing this or thinking that way when none of it really mattered in the end. All this time, I have been living with my eyes closed.

I wanted to talk about the things that did mattered.
Wanted to think about the world and where we were heading and how we were evolving.
And most importantly… to reach out to others and to open their eyes to the reality that is ours.